Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For journeling purposes

Josh took his first CPA exam last Saturday. We won't know the results for 6 weeks. He feels like he did well. It was down in Casa Grande because no seats were available up here. So we made a day trip out of it and there was nothing for me to do with the kiddies so I decided to brave myself and take them to a movie. YEP, an ALMOST 2 year old and an ALMOST 11 month old and I went to the movies and saw "SHEK" aka "Shrek". Lilly kept yelling Shek through the whole movie. It was cute. Tate fell asleep at the beginning, after many silent prayers for OK behavior. Suprisingly they actually did pretty good. Tate woke up half way through, and I only went to pack up to leave once, but we ended up staying. Pretty sure I wouldn't make this a frequent outing. Lilly got a little scared when the lights went out, but she sat in a big girl seat, had her very own bag of popcorn and a drink, and was in heaven. I just love her. AND, I'm pretty proud of myself. Cheers!


Laura said...

you ARE brave! I don't think I'd dare take Derek & Jenna, and Derek's a piece of cake!

Way to go!! Hope the test results come back good :)

Rachel said...

there's NO WAY i'd do that alone. the twins have still never been to a movie theater.

you go girl!!

Jen and Grant said...

That is so brave. I won't even take one kid to the movies. However, I am debating it for when Toy Story 3 comes out.

Bri!!! said...

You are NOT a brat, those things are pretty much necessity:-). K, so how long have you had the Traverse? We have looked at EVERYTHING and even though I didn't want an American car, it just seems to have the best of everything. Would love to hear all your thoughts on it. I don't know anyone with one. We will probably wait another year before getting it, but are pretty much sure that's the car we will get. AND, Caleb and Lily would make the most beautiful babes on the planet.