Friday, July 30, 2010

My beautiful friend Jackie's shower and wedding!

One of my dearest friends got married on July 17th in the San Diego temple. It was a beautiful ceremony and luncheon. Josh and I were so lucky to be able to attend. We left our kids with my awesome mom and Aunts and Uncles, who were so generous and sweet to watch our munchkins. Isn't she gorgeous? Another friend of Jackie's and I threw her a bridal shower in June up in Utah. What a privelage it is to be Jackie's friend. She has been such a loyal and wonderful friend to me. Here's to a happy life my sweet girl!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lake Powell 2010

Lake Powell this year was eventful as always. The first night we usually stay at a hotel in Page. While I was out shopping for groceries Josh was at the hotel getting the kids bathed and what not I got a frantic phone call from Josh that he needed to take Tate to the ER. Little man had flung himself off the bed and hit himself onto a table. There was A LOT more blood and it looked A LOT worse than what these pics portray, but Josh handled it well, Tate ended up getting a butterfly, and we enjoyed the lake anyway. This trip came at the end of an exhausting 2 week vaca to UT, so I'm sure it would have been better for all of us had we planned it another way. Needless to say, we had fun anyway and will do things different next year! Lake Powell never ceases to amaze me.

We celebrated Tate's actual birthday, yet again, with more cake! It was yummy! This kid is up to 3 cakes now! And Lilly finally has the song down and sings happy birthday to Tate almost everyday!

Until Next Year...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ahoy Matey, its Tatey's 1st Birthday Party!

Poor little Tater Tot was just not feeling good on his special day! We had been on vacation for over a week, he was out of his schedule, recovering from being sick or teething, and was ready to back in his own bed! So all the pics we have of him he is not a happy guy which is so unlike him! We celebrated his birth anyway and had such a nice time with family and friends. His fabulous Grandma put a lot of effort into to making his party so fun and we really appreciated it! It turned out just how I imagined! I sure love my little pirate...

Cousin Heidi, boyfriend Brian

Lilly and cousins Ady and Chloe, I don't know which ones which! :)

Bryce and Anthony

Aren't these cupcakes so cute? Made with love by Grandma K

Miss Hailey

Friends, Julie and Kason

Grandma K
Cousin Heidi

Friends, Bryce and Brooke

Great Aunt Jann

"Aunt" Chelsea

Awesome pirate cake made by cousin Aubrey

Happy birthday song!

Sweet Alyssa May...

My happy little guy!

Opening presents...

Not pictured, but certainly noticed, was Great Aunt Kristi and Great Grandma Carson and Ryan Sharich
Thank you so much to everyone who came far distances to celebrate Tate's special day and for those who brought things to make it so nice! We love you so so much!