Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lilly: 18, 19, and 20 months!

I have been a slacker at getting pics of the kids on here! So we have 3 months combined! She hasn't changed a lot, but I captured a bunch of all the activities she is really into these days...

She is a beauty queen...
She went to her first birthday party and just HAD to carry the present!

Connor, her boyfriend next door. They just LOVE each other!
She had fun playing at his party!
He's sure a cutie!
So is she, even though she rarely smiles for me!
She rode her first horse with her daddy, Tatey, and by herself!

This little girl LOVES animals.
...and her brother, yes I DO do her hair, even though it doesn't look like it!
She loves helping mommy, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY
She loves to color
She loves to play in her sandbox
She loves to go to the park
She loves tubby time

One day I couldn't find her, but the back door was open. Don't worry she was just chillin in the bouncer that was on the table, thinking about life!
She LOVES to go shopping
and play on the slide her Grandma K got her
Sometimes she gets herself in risky predicaments
But all in all, this sassy little girl is the spoiled little lady of our family!
Lilly doesn't say much that makes sense, but she talks ALL day long.
Some of her favorite words are: bubbles, tatey, mommy, no, she mimics my "oh man" and "are you kidding me!", cookie, I can't think of anymore, but I know there are many!
She loves to play pretend
She loves to feed daddy
Her favorite foods are: chicken, rice, green beans, strawberries, oranges, noodles, yogurt, applesauce, pizza, cheese, fruit snacks, and just about anything she can get her paws on.
She loves her little brother to death.
She shows it by poking his eyes out, pulling his few hairs, and giving him kisses.
She loves her mommy and daddy, she used to be a daddy's girl, but she is definately turning into a mommy's girl.
She loves to play outside
She loves to sit with mommy and Tatey on the swing on our porch
She loves to go for wagon rides, bike rides, stroller rides
She definately has a mind of her own and is head strong but she is sweet and loving and we just absolutely adore her!
She is going to be an awesome big sister!
We took her into the doctor today and she is a little above average in weight and height!
Our little peanut is growing up!
We love you Lilly June!