Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Violet Christine


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The heat is beginning...

...Time to turn on the sprinklers!

Hangin' Around

Life has gotten the best of me. It is so hard to keep up on journaling. But I woke up extra early today so I could get started on the many months I have neglected. We have been one busy family, with plenty of hangin' around, enjoying the weather with family and friends.

These kids adore their uncle Dale. Look at their faces.Tate's new found obsession: Skateboarding.

Family bike rides are a fav. especially when Aunt Claire tote's around the babes.

Random #1. I found these shells strategically places on my bath pillow in my tub.

Lilly enjoying the snow on our trip to UT in March.

Taking a walk with Grandma K

Lilly lovin' G-K's jewelry. I love her hands.

Tate enjoying the dress up action

Lilly with her Great Grandma Carson -- "gg"

Playing Play-Dough

Whenever Lilly gets on the phone, no matter WHO she is talking too, the first thing out of her mouth will be, "You wanna come play play-dough wis me at my house?"

Their play-dough masterpieces

Random #2: I found one of the kids fake stawberries sitting on the shelf in my fridge one day when I opened it. Silly little rascals.

Enjoying that pudding!

Lilly is so stylish. Off the shoulder. Reading a magazine. Sitting on the counter.

Lovin' that yogurt. What can I say? the kid loves to eat.

... and so does this one!

I'm sure lil man will hate me one day for these photos. But it was too cute to pass up. He loves the high heels as much as we girls do! I really have committed to playing football with Taters atleast once a day. He needs a little bit of "man-hood" throughout his day.

Lilly loves to learn. I love this quality about her. I'm dreading teaching her piano, and am so hoping I can convince her Nana to teach her! But I know she will pick up on it fast.

Lovin' on Tio.

... and her Aunt Can!

I love these cute kids!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

what does green and marriage have in common?

Pretty much NOTHING!
Except that St. Patrick shares his holiday with our anniversary.
# 4. (should be 7...you get the picture).
We are celebrating this weekend.
My wonderful friend is coming to watch our kids for us so we can relax.
This is my new red hair.. what do you think? Kinda hard to tell i know.
Today was fun.
I asked Lilly if she wanted green eggs for breakfast. She said, "No, not geen, lellow eggs please."
I asked her if she wanted green milk. She said, "No, thats yucky."
So maybe in a few years she will be into it.
As for this guy, we made a green shamrock cake, and corned beef and cabbage for dinner.
Hoping dad makes it home to celebrate with us.
Its been a long week. AGAIN.
Sure love this little monkey.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

These two....

Melt my heart.
I am so blessed.
They are so good to each other.
I hope it always stays that way.
They learn and grow so fast, don't they? It really is within a blink of an eye that they grow out of sight. I only have a few precious years left where they think I am the best thing besides these fruit snacks. I am really trying to cherish every moment.

Monday, January 17, 2011


First trip to the snow was a complete success.

Snow was in Payson. A lovely hour drive from my house. The best part is, I came home to 70 degrees. Thank you Arizona.