Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Trip to AZ April 09'

Arizona as usual was a blast... part of what makes it so fun is the water! It is so fun to watch Lilly learn to swim and experience new things! She absolutely loves it!

The little girl just loves to be outside... one day I looked out the window and saw Steph and her just chillin... And she ABSOLUTELY LOVES STEPHANIE! I think Steph might be the favorite right now! Sorry peeps...

Steph's boy.. friend... toy.... ??????? Sterling, and we love him!

Lilly loves to drive the boat.. along with the car... and anything else she can get her hands on!



Can't wait til I'm out there again... a few short months!

Birthday Blast!

My too die for hubby plannned a wonderful birthday for me.. and even arranged the babysitter! After being gone almost 2 weeks Arizona, it was so wonderful to be with just him and celebrate! I came home to these beauties... Then we went to one of my top 3 fav's in Utah..

We were at Melting Pot for dessert when they said it would be a 2 1/2 hour wait so we went to..
...and got dessert instead! Because... we had reservations at...

For a very funny play!
It was such a wonderful night Josh! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and wonderful. I wish it was my birthday every month!! Love you...

Trip to AZ.. March 09'

When we go to Arizona.. We Boat. Lil' got her first pink life jacket... She hated it. But it was still cute and fun! She absolutely loves the boat and has now been on 4 times. Its a good thing.. cuz that is what we do!

Waiting for the hot tub to heat up after a long day of strenuous boating... its a rough life!

As always we had a fun time! And there are more to post!