Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Lovely Lake Powell 2009

Well this years Lake Powell trip was quite an adventure! Being that I am due in 3 weeks, I consider myself pretty brave to even camp anyway, so the added excitement that took place almost sent this sister into labor! We arrived about 2 a.m. to Page on Wednesday night checked into a hotel and waited for the gang from AZ to arrive. The next morning we combined all our gear, bought food, and headed out to the beauty. It was slow moving at 9 miles an hour with the boat barely afloat with all our stuff, but my bro Dale, stud that he is, got us to our camp spot like a champ. We put up a pretty sweet camp, shoveling and raking thorns and thistles, while putting up tents, building a fire, anchoring the boat, setting up shade, and getting our dinner in the dutch oven. We all worked as a team and got it done, yes, even without our parents. The next morning Dale, Josh, Lil, and I set off to go pick up Mom and Dad at the Marina. About 1o minutes to the dock the boat shuts off. WHAT?! Finally a little man tugs us to the dock, and the day begins. Long story short, 7 hours later, the mechanic tells us that he can't fix the boat, and we are S.O.L. AND, waweep stopped renting boats at 2:30 which is like 2 hours too late. We find a "party barge" at Antelope Marina... With 2 hours until dark, we make it in the nic of time back to our camp. The day was a blast to say the least. This left us with one day of fun. So that is where all these pictures come from! It was a memory for better or worse we won't forget, but I was so impressed with how well my family came together as a team to make lemonade out of a whole tree of sour lemons. Everyone was such a wonderful help with Lilly! So here is to a fantastic trip in 2010!
To prove their manhood, the boys decided to move a boulder down the mountain.
Wasn't as easy as it looked I guess... the rock rolled once.

Lilly hated the wave runner. Can you tell?

Josh had fun fishing. We all thought it was hilarious.. he did catch a couple fish.... but with a fishing pole. Better luck with the bow next year I guess!
I guess Grandpa's trainer is really working him out!

Lilly and her first experience with a lizard. Claire carried this lizard on her back for who knows how long, along with picking up geese and carrying them around the marina. I have now come up with her new name as mother goose. Atleast Lilly will be able to experience creatures and animals with her aunt!How sweet... 35 years folks! What an accomplishment!

Still hating it...

Daddy's girl...

We love you all la familia. Glad we are together forever.

Montana for cousin Sarah's Wedding

We were fortunate enough to make it to Josh's cousin Sarah's wedding a couple weekends ago in Bozeman Montana. Since I am due in two weeks I wasn't able to fly so we made the drive, which wasn't too bad! We stopped in Idaho Falls the first night since we left so late and made the rest of the drive to make it to the wedding just in time! Literally. The wedding was absolutely breath taking and it was wonderful seeing most of Josh's family as we gathered to celebrate Sarah and Chris.

Here is the marvelous Idaho Falls temple..
Great-Grandma Hill and Lilly at the reception...
Mommy and Lil'...

Isn't she just to die for?She always points when she sees an airplane or a birdie

Olivia and Matt, Josh's cousin and daughter

The bride and groom with Grandma Hill
Cute little Olivia.. whom Lilly just loved!

Sharon and Cal are just one of Josh's Aunts and Uncles. Weirdly enough I didn't get any other photos of his other Aunts and Uncles, but they were all there! It was a party!Sharon and Cal's posterity.. Jen is also Josh's cousin (in purple) and daughter Eva. Jen actually performed Sarah's wedding ceremony at her church.

Matt and Jennifer
Lilly loved the plates at the dinner

Bride and Groom's first dance
Grandma Hill herself. In case you can't read the sign it says "Table for Timeless Beauty". She was sure proud of her sign!Olivia and Lilly

Isn't the setting just gorgeous for this reception? This is were "The Horse Whisperer" was filmed.

The cake..
The pig... which was sooooooo good!

Table settings...

Cousin McKayla... whom Lilly also loved and snuggled with.On our drive home we went through West Yellowstone to see if Old Faithful was still faithful. While waiting for the eruption, Lilly found herself a friend. I think I'm screwed, this girl LOVES dogs... my arch enemy, if you know me at all.

Still faithful.. it was a fantastic sight!

It was a fun little roadtrip! Lilly did pretty good considering the long drive her love to be free as a bird. We loved seeing everyone and being able to spend time with family. We need some more weddings to bring us all together soon!