Sunday, September 28, 2008

She's My Beauty!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

End of the summer...

Here are some things we have been doing the last month. I'm so sad to see summer go because that can only mean one thing, WINTER. YUCK. However, I love this time of year in UT, the fall leaves, the crisp night air that smells so good, the beautiful colors in the canyons, the leaves on the trees, the tolerably cold nights where you can leave your window open and snuggle under the covers, but it all ends too soon... I truly was blessed with such a happy baby... she is always smiling and so snuggly and sweet!
Here is the cutie with Uncle Dale!
I'm sure he would love to dress her "his style" forever! My parents came up for Labor Day weekend while Josh went hunting.. it was so fun! We went and rode all the rides at the Lodge, made yummy home cooked meals, and watched all the Hurricanes on T.V. ha ha but not so funny I guess...

Look at those baby blues! What a sweet little face.. She was sleepy, ready to take a nap!

Kate and Chandler came over to play. Lilly and her watched the Little Mermaid while snuggling on the love sac Cute little girl in her swim suit and matching hat!

Our happy family in the pool!!
I thought this was a cute "actual size" photo! Isn't she so small compared to this thing! She absolutely loves it though... Has been taking atleast one nap a day in it. P.S. Thank you Shauna for your blogging education.. I would have NEVER known you could add more pictures to a post!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Sweet Little Girls' Blessing Day! September 7, 2008

Sunday was Lilly's blessing down in Arizona. Josh did such a wonderful job and bore such a sweet testimony afterward. I am so lucky to be married to such an awesome man! He is the best husband and the best dad and we have so much fun together. There isn't anyone I would rather be with in my whole wide world! Lilly looked so beautiful in her gorgeous dress that my mom made for her, and everyone had such a fun time holding her and loving all over her. We had a lunch at our house after and we all had a fun time visiting together. We love our little girl so much and can't imagine what life was like before her grand arrival. More pictures of her in this dress are to come!

Friends and family came to support the special day!

Little Paige with Lilly... Gracie and Bree with Lilly...
This is one of my favorite families from my mission the Harline's. They lived in Florence on the coast where I served the longest. They now live in AZ, so it was wonderful having them come be with us. We LOVE them!
Marie and Erika...
I can't believe how big our family is getting! Since our last family pictures we have added two spouses and a first grand baby! We need more... hint hint Dale and Claire~!

Everyone with Lilly at lunch afterward!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Annual San Diego Vacation 08'

This years family vacation was just especially awesome! We had so much fun together... We went the week of the Olympics and it just made the week so much more fun being able to watch them together every night and into the wee hours of the morning. As usual we stayed the week at Mission Beach on San Luis Obisbo Avenue. We all took turns making dinners each night and ate out on the board walk watching the sunset and interesting people go by. It was such a delight to have Lilly with us this year. We all had such a fun time holding her and making her laugh. Her aunts and uncles had a blast with her! As you will see throughout the pictures we saw, "Slow Mo", for the 5th year in a row slowly riding his rollerblades along the board walk listening to Phil Collins and Mozart. We ate at "Fat Boyz" pizza, the largest pizza known to man, where as you can see the size in comparison to Lilly, we rode the roller coaster, built an enormous sand castle that attracted tourists from all over, took long bike rides on the beach bikes, surfed and boogie boarded, and did a little shopping. It was literally the best week of the year. And we have less than 365 days until the next one! Hope you enjoy the pictures, being as I took over 200 of them, I composed a condensed version of every thing we enjoyed over the week! Thank you Dad and Mom for such a wonderful vacation and so many fond memories to remember! Love you guys!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008