Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Josh is the big 2-9!

happy birthday babe!
you are my favorite pal, my sweets, and the best daddy and husband ever! i hope you have a wonderful day! and we can't wait to see you at lunch!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Events

Halloween definately felt different this year in AZ. We had to wait til this last Thursday night to carve pumpkins so they wouldn't die in the heat! They still did... However, I will take that any day over 2 feet of snow! I LOVE ARIZONA!

We had Dale and Claire, and Joel and Candice over for dinner in a pumpkin and pumpkin carving. It was fun!

I wish I could have captured Lilly's face when she stuck her hand in the pumpkins guts. It was hilarious!

Just carving away...

The Results






Lilly is obsessed with all my dad's little fake critters in the front yard. We have been known to make fun of him in the past because it kinda felt like a trailor park with multiple fake rabbits, deer, racoons, and ducks. But man oh man, Lilly LOVES them. She finds new hiding places for the creatures all the time. They are her new best friends. We spend hours in the front yard.

"uh-oh", one of the bunny's ears fell off.

The start to her candy frenzy.. by 11:00 p.m. she was wired. Yes, she was still awake.

What is he dressed as?

It took her a little while to get into trick or treating, but man when she figured it out she was on a roll!
She was seriously hilarious walking up to the doors.

Sometimes she scored a lift

Tatey turned into a pumpkin.. skeleton costume wasn't warm enough.
Thanks Summer! Remember giving this to me before Lilly was born?

In the day we went over to the grocery stores trick or treat. It was too hot for Lilly to be a giraffe so we decided to have her be a little ballerina. When we were walking around this little kid came up to me and asked, "is she a diva?" ha ha are you kidding me? how funny is that? So yes, Lilly was a diva by day, giraffe by night.

The little "diva" and her grandpa who she now calls "pa pa" it is too die for.

Lilly Trick or Treating

The 3 sistas. One of them isn't too happy.

Josh and I seriously had a blast taking Lilly trick or treating. She had a entourage of people walking with her from door to door, as Uncle Dale, Aunt Steph, and Gamma and Pa Pa came with us to enjoy our first night of trick or treating.