Friday, November 21, 2008


The bouncer on the floor looking up at me while I get ready is just not good enough for Miss Lilly anymore... She has been promoted to the sink! I probably shouldn't cater to her whines, but she is just so cute I can't help it. I have never seen a baby who wants to be in the middle of everything, (meaning all my conversations and/or activities) than this little one. She HAS to be in the same room as me at all times, and she has to see me. I guess I was the same way. I know that's hard to believe.

I think she already likes make-up! This is her new favorite toy!
Isn't she just a dolly?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trip to St. George for an early Thanksgiving!

We just got back from St. George to visit Grandma Carson and Family! It was really fun and the weather was fabulous. It was wonderful seeing everyone! Thank you for a fantastic weekend! The family minus Jarom and Joel, Josh's little brothers

Jake playing on the playground, probably having more fun than the other kids!
Grandma Carson and Lilly...

Aunt Jann and cousin Rachel, mother of twins, Adelyn and Chloe

Aunt Kristi, Cousin Aubrey, and GG Carson with the twins

Aunt Jann, Grandma, and Lilly

Me and my lover boy

Jake and Kelsie

Daddy and the princess, who by the way is spitting in this picture, because that is ALL she does now! Yep, Daddy taught her a good 2 weeks ago, and she's been a spitter ever since. Thanks Dad!

The twins, Kathi and Kristi, and their grandkids!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Babe!

What a special birthday boy this is... I LOVE Josh! Josh is my very best friend. From the moment we met we were immediately friends, and it just grew from there. I love Josh because he is always such a happy person. He always makes me smile, even after the longest days. I love Josh because he is such a hard worker and is so determined. Whenever he puts his mind to something he accomplishes it. I love Josh because he is such a good daddy. Lilly just LOVES him! She already gets a huge smile on her face when he comes home from work. Josh is so selfless and helps so much with her. I love Josh because he takes such good care of me. I know he is always thinking of me. I love Josh because there is no one I would rather be with than him. If I have a choice to be with him or go out with one of my friends, I would rather be with him. I love Josh because he loves to include others, and never wants anyone to feel left out. I love Josh because he is a friend to everyone. I love Josh because he loves to be active and do fun things, and he is always up for anything. I love Josh because he was born today.. I am so excited to spend 100 more birthdays with you babe!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Birthday Bash for Josh! 28 tomorrow...

Well the inevitable is happening tomorrow, Josh is joining the 28 club. We are getting old! Tonight we celebrated his birthday with family and friends. We loved having everyone over for cake, ice cream, and games! Thank you to his wonderful friends for always being there for him! I will write a tribute to my wonderful husband tomorrow on his birthday.. until then..

From the left Jake, Kelsie, Lilly, Aaron, Katie, Sommer, Kate, Chandler, and Steve Kate wanted to help blow out the candles

Happy birthday honey! I love you!

Murder Mystery Dinner.. Cowboy Style

Our Friends Ryan and Jami invited us to a murder mystery dinner they hosted. It was a cowboy theme.. and so much fun! We had a great group who really got into it! The food was yummy and the company was awesome! Thanks guys!

I was Helena Handcart, mother of 13 boys, and Josh was Elias Truist Heath (He lies through his teeth). A bandit cowboy.. Josh was so funny... I have to admit I'm pretty happy he doesn't have that sick mustache in real life!

Ryan and Jami. He was the chief who I had an affair with and Jami was a hooker! ha ha

Adella "A woman of God" (ya right) and "PElvis"

Mister Wyatt

Our yummy cowboy dinner
And good ole' Butch with our yummy dessert Apple Pie Al Amode! Scrumtous!

Thanks guys for a really fun time!

My fall baby!

Fall is such a wonderful time of year... This years fall has been awesome! In fact I have really loved all the seasons this year. I don't feel jipped because summer lasted a long time, and we have had such a beautiful fall, so I guess I am alright with the snow on its way. Well kind of. Its been so fun taking pictures of Lilly pretty much everywhere. My dad says Lilly is the most photographed baby in the world. He is probably right... Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our first snow of the season!

Welp, the inevitable happened. Our first snow. And it came in with a bang. It snowed ALL night last night and ALL day today. It was crazy... My little neighborhood kids built a "house" at the park right by my house. There was a couch, a garage, a fridge, and most important a comode. Creative little suckers.

Lilly's first snow! I couldn't tell if she liked it or not, there was so much to take in!!

Better Late than NEVER!

Our Halloween was so FUN! We went to visit daddy at work, saw Lilly's new friend Lydia, who was also a lady bug, came home and cooked a yummy dinner in a pumpkin for us and the family upstairs, and took all the kids trick or treating on a trailor pulled by a four wheeler. It was seriously so fun and Lilly loved being outside and seeing all the lights! Our friend Jackie came a long and it was fun having her too! When we got back we made fried green tomatoes (YUM!) and watched a movie. Well sort of...

She got tuckered OUT!

My sweet little lady...

Lilly and her friend Lydia as Lady bugs! Josh dressed up as a UTAH fan, and his buddy Aaron dressed up as a BYU fan.

Josh's work staff all dressed up.. do you see Bob Marley in there?
Josh, Lilly, and his district manager...