Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lilly's First Steps!

Memorial Weekend '09

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend... Friday we packed up and went to Park City to stay a couple nights. While there, we went to the train in Heber and to the park to eat some yummy ice cream. On Memorial Day, we rented a Rug Doctor and shampoo'd all our couches and cars. Then we packed up the camping gear and headed to the mountains for a weiny roast and fun with the Curtis' and Nate. When we got back we headed to the park for a picnic, bike rides, and swings! It was a very busy and fantastic day!

Josh putting in Lilly's hair clip...

I thought this was so cute of Lilly standing on her tip-toes to look at her daddy!

This baby will only take naps...

... If sitting up, because she is so exhausted, and if nothing fantastic is going on around her!

Arizona... Again.

When we went to AZ a couple weeks ago, my dad took Josh and I out with the rest of the family for our graduation to The Keg!! It was a yummy steakhouse...
Enjoying a peach before jumping in the pool...
Lilly's first tube ride! YEE-HA!

Meeting Uncle Jarom!

The ONE, the ONLY, Uncle Jarom came to finally meet Miss Lilly! Jar is Josh's brother just under him. He lives in Texas so its hard to get together often, but it was sure fun having him come and meet Lilly and spend some time with him!
Thanks for the visit! It was great seeing you... We love you!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Lilly!

To my sweet Lilly June:

I honestly cannot believe it has been a year since you were born into our lives. Its hard to explain the changes that we have encountered as we have adjusted to your existence, but all of which have been so wonderful. You are an absolute delight to have and I can't imagine life without you. You are so sweet but such a spitfire all wrapped up in the same little body. Every where we go everyone comments on how beautiful you are. I totally agree! You are so loved by so many family members and friends. Your daddy and I love you more than words can describe and can't wait for all the years we get to spend being your parents! We anticipate the future with excitement! Happy Birthday today... We can't wait to have your party and celebrate your birth!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Enjoying the sunny days...

I love the sun, especially after a LONG winter! We have definately been enjoying the sunny days while we are here :). We went to a Bees game with our friend Angelica while her hubby was outta town. She is seriously IN LOVE with Lilly... its so cute.. she treats her just like she was her own. This is her little boy, Brody.. Lilly loves him too!

Read the sign missy...
On Mother's Day we went to the mountains for a picnic, hot dog roast, and to enjoy the outdoors! A couple of our friends, Jackie and Nick, and my brother came with us!
Aren't they cute????
Wish you could have seen this little girls face up close... GUCKY!
Nick officially wins the weiny roast award... he roasts those things for like 15 min. and they are soooooo good! He was even generous enough to give me his first weiny! Ha ha
Lilly and her Uncle Nate
You don't have to be a hot dog lover to think this thing looks tasty!
Lilly took a long nap in the sleeping bag... thanks to Jackie singing and rocking her to sleep. She loves her Aunt Jax!
We sent the boys off to collect firewood, Nick came back with a tree!
Just enjoying the conversation... and of course Jackie can never not pose! :)
We had a fabulous Mother's Day! Thanks Josh for being so good to me... I love you!

More Tulips... At Temple Square!

Josh's mom came up a couple weekends ago to visit.. We went up to the Salt Lake temple to look at the tulips and then out to dessert at the MELTING POT! YUM! The tulips of course were gorgeous... my little Lilly flower fits right in! Lilly and Grandma Carson

She is really into waving these days...

...and shoulder rides.

Kathi and I decided this was the Phoenix Suns flower... :)

Thanks for coming to visit Grandma Carson, we had a good time!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lilly Judd Curtis ~ May 15, 1916- Nov. 01, 2000

This knock out is my Grandma Lilly. She just had a birthday last Friday and I have been thinking a lot about her lately. Since I was 13 years old I wanted to name my little girl after this extraordinary woman. I feel so blessed that I was able to have my Lilly first and name her after my Grandma. There is no one quite like her... she was a strong lady who was honored by many and adored by all. I miss my grandma very much. I have very many wonderful memories of her and I. She taught me and was an example to me of a woman of virture and love. I am sad she isn't here to enjoy my Lilly, but I know she is here in spirit more than we know. I can only hope and pray that my Lilly grows up to be everything my grandma Lilly is and was. Her name is legendary... Happy Birthday Grandma, you are so loved and so missed.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tulip Festival 09'