Sunday, May 24, 2009

Enjoying the sunny days...

I love the sun, especially after a LONG winter! We have definately been enjoying the sunny days while we are here :). We went to a Bees game with our friend Angelica while her hubby was outta town. She is seriously IN LOVE with Lilly... its so cute.. she treats her just like she was her own. This is her little boy, Brody.. Lilly loves him too!

Read the sign missy...
On Mother's Day we went to the mountains for a picnic, hot dog roast, and to enjoy the outdoors! A couple of our friends, Jackie and Nick, and my brother came with us!
Aren't they cute????
Wish you could have seen this little girls face up close... GUCKY!
Nick officially wins the weiny roast award... he roasts those things for like 15 min. and they are soooooo good! He was even generous enough to give me his first weiny! Ha ha
Lilly and her Uncle Nate
You don't have to be a hot dog lover to think this thing looks tasty!
Lilly took a long nap in the sleeping bag... thanks to Jackie singing and rocking her to sleep. She loves her Aunt Jax!
We sent the boys off to collect firewood, Nick came back with a tree!
Just enjoying the conversation... and of course Jackie can never not pose! :)
We had a fabulous Mother's Day! Thanks Josh for being so good to me... I love you!


Anonymous said...

UNCLE nate. but of course ;)

Laura said...

I love those pictures! And of course, Lilly is beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her birthday picture, the dress is to die for!! How glamorous can one baby be??

Monica said...

Oh,she is getting so big and she is so stinkin' cute! I can't wait to see the new little one that's coming pretty soon!

Patti said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Lilly! Looks like you had a fabulous Mother's Day!