Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Weekend '09

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend... Friday we packed up and went to Park City to stay a couple nights. While there, we went to the train in Heber and to the park to eat some yummy ice cream. On Memorial Day, we rented a Rug Doctor and shampoo'd all our couches and cars. Then we packed up the camping gear and headed to the mountains for a weiny roast and fun with the Curtis' and Nate. When we got back we headed to the park for a picnic, bike rides, and swings! It was a very busy and fantastic day!

Josh putting in Lilly's hair clip...

I thought this was so cute of Lilly standing on her tip-toes to look at her daddy!

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Marissa and Scott said...

So sweet! Seems like you guys are always on the go. How do you do it?