Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tate 6 Months

My little boy is already 6 months, I'm sure every mom could say that it feels like just yesterday that you brought your little one home from the hospital. We have been so busy these last 6 months with moving and having a one year old, that I can't believe how fast time has gone! My little man is getting so big! Everyone says he looks exactly like his daddy! He sure is a cutie!

He is such a happy baby! I think he is going to have his daddy's disposition...

His sissy loves to play with him... even if it means he is her play horse!
They always watch their movies together!
He is always bright-eyed
He loves to cuddle up and sleep with his daddy

He LOVES my home made baby food!

You are always such a joy to be around Tatey

At 6 months you love:

  • Your mommy, daddy, and sissy
  • To sit up and see the world
  • Food
  • To stand in your exersaucer
  • To be outside
  • Your grandma's and grandpa's
  • Your aunts and uncles
  • To be on a schedule
  • To sleep
  • Sitting on the swing on our front porch
  • Standing in your walker
  • Going for walks whether in the stroller or your red wagon
  • Just being with anyone and everyone

You give out smiles to anyone who will take one, you absolutely adore your sister, You have your 2 bottom teeth, and you laugh, giggle, and shriek every moment you are awake!

You only cry if you are hungry or tired, and I just love being your mommy.

Tate you are the BEST addition to our family.

We LOVE you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so MUCH!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It all started at 8:30 this morning...

...which really isn't too early, except when its only 3:30p.m. on that same day and you have had a day like this! This is quite the chapter in our little story book of life.

So I get up and do the usual routine of getting the kids up, fed, cleaned, and dressed. Packing the diaper bag and into the car. It seriously takes 2 hours. WHY? It takes that long everyday, and it seems like I can never get out of the house. Will it ever get faster and easier? I imagine when the kids are older. (BTW, I wasn't even ready.) So tack on another hour for that. So as I am driving around the corner out of my neighborhood I hear Tate grunting. His morning poo. I think to myself: "You should probably turn around and get a change of clothes and change his diaper." Tate is famous (practically everyday) for the poops that go down his legs and up his back. I decide to for-go the turn around because of how long it took to get out of the house and I JUST WANT TO GO TO THE GYM! Is this too much to ask?

I get to the gym parking lot, and yep, its the worst ever. Up his back and down to his ankles. Luckily, my mom only lives a couple miles from the gym. So I pack him back in and get to my moms where I bathe Tate and throw his clothes in the wash. I got her to watch Tate while I took Lilly back to the kids club at the gym while I worked out. This was the first time (besides nursery last Sunday) that I have ever left her to be babysat by strangers with lots of other kids. YIKES! I just get all sorts of anxiety. I'm probably too protective of my kids but I don't care. So I'm running on the treadmill and they have tv's in front of them where I can turn it onto a certain channel and watch the kids club. I run as I watch these mean boys hit her with a toy car and she starts crying and walking over to all the workers with her arms up in the air saying if she could, "please pick me up!" It broke my heart so I hurried and got back in there, cutting my workout short.

I proceed to the car where I buckle Lilly in, throw my wallet, keys, and water bottle on the seat. I shut the door, and it LOCKS! It had never done that before. I try coaxing Lilly to pull up the lock and she keeps trying but she just can't do it. After about 5 minutes I start panicking and run into the gym to call a locksmith. The wait is over an hour so we call 911. So yes, firetrucks, policeman, the whole 9 shows up. I'm pretty panicky because its been about 20 minutes and Lilly is sweating and crying and she is trying so hard to open the door but can't.

Since our car is a 2010, they told me they didn't have the new equipment to get in easily and so there was a fire fighter on each door trying to get the doors open but nothing is budging. I'm thinking that I am about to break the window by now. After trying for what seemed like an hour one of the cops said to me, "too bad you don't have on-star" OH BUT I DO! Thanks to my wonderful husband, which is a whole other story because I got mad at him the day he was having it installed because it took so long, blah blah blah. Basically, this long explanation comes to an end because all they had to do was call on-star and they opened our doors. When we got Lilly out of the car she was very hot and pale, they were nervous for a little bit, but she cooled off quickly and was back to her chatty self. Thank goodness it wasn't 118 in the summer. What a stressful day. All just to go to the dang gym.

I now love On-Star. I think I might purchase it after our free year trial.

P.S. The cops were like "is your spare key close by?" Me: "ya, its pretty close, its in the glove box." I blamed it on my blonde hair.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom! 01/18/19-- :)

Today is my wonderful mother's birthday. I love this woman for so many reasons:

She lives what she says. She isn't fake in any way. She never has a mean thing to say about anyone. She always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. She isn't judgemental. She is trustworthy. She is gentle. She is so kind. She has so many talents. She has a beautiful voice, she sews beautiful things for my kids, she draws, she plays the piano.

She is genuine.

She is virtuous. She is a good example.

She loves unconditionally.

She is the best grandma and my kids just love her.

She is the best mom, and has taught me so many things about life and love.

She is classy.

She is affectionate.

I have come to realize over the years of my life that God knows and loves us. He showed this to me the day He sent me to her.
And I will forever be thankful.

I love you so much mom. I am so greatful for who you are and who you continually teach me to be. I hope you have a special day and know how much your loved in this family.

Blog worthy

Today Lilly went to nursery for the first time
we took down Tate's baby swing.
My babies are growing up wayyyyy to fast!
Maybe its time for another one.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas and Temple Lights 09

Christmas this year was merry and bright. We did many fun things together as a family and it was truly wonderful. I love having my kids. Even though Lilly didn't really get it, she went around saying ho ho ho, and singing "up on the housetop" HER RENDITION. Its still going...

We feel so blessed and grateful for the people we know, the things we have, and the life we live. It really couldn't get much better. I feel so grateful to my Savior. I love Him. And I need to rely on Him more. I love the time to reflect and to also feel the spirit of His birth and what that represents to the world and what it represents to me personally. I loved seeing the temple lights and walking on the special grounds this Christmas. There are a lot of pictures in this post. Hope you enjoy them!

Christmas Eve is a memorable time for me every year. For as long as I can remember we act out a play my dad narrates about Samuel the Lamanite (from the Book of Mormon) and how he prophecied that Christ would indeed come to the earth in a miraculous way. Nephi (also from the BOM) also prophecies of the signs of His coming. And then of course Luke's account of Joseph and Mary and the birth of our Savior. Each of us play a special part. Lilly was an angel, and Tate was baby Jesus. Josh was Nephi this year. And I was Mary. After the play, we have a talent show where everyone performs a song of some sort either by voice, piano, or guitar. We sing carols and eat yummy food. After the sentimental part we end the evening with Home Alone. I love these traditions. I hope they last forever and that we can always be apart of them.
Lilly was lovin the carrots with ranch dip
Uncle Nate and Lil
I couldn't pick which one was the cutest so I put all 3. I hate to say it but as of now, Dale is definately the absolute fav to lilly!

So everywhere we go its usually Josh, Dale and I with our kids. And time and time again everyone thinks these 2 are brothers and I married into the family. Not so much in this picture, but they look soo much alike, even the same outfits!
Josh as Nephi. Don't ask about the bou-font on top of his head.
The narrator himself, Jerry Leroy.
Aunt Steph and Tatey
Nate as Samuel
Lilly climbing all over the presents during the play, she as usual was on her best behavior.
The best present I received this year..
Where's Tatey?
Steph bought Lilly and I matching pajamas. Lilly was beside herself. I'm giving a creepy face.
Christmas Morning, gotta love that hair!

What a beauty

Lilly was spoiled... she got a bike
and a big girl potty...
and a wagon
and an Elmo phone that says "Good afternoon.... Lilly"
My sweet little present
Jer Bear in his usual position in the morning, even on Christmas, while everyone was slaving away making breakfast! ha ha

my mom enjoying her snuggie she got for Christmas, anyone else get one?

The breakfast Crew.

Last Christmas the family pic was Josh, Lil, and I.. this year its Josh, Lil, Tate and I..., next year its going to be Josh, Lil, Tate, and baby # 3!!!!!!!