Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 4

Lilly loves the water! She could stay in there for hours if we would!! A fun swim in the heated pool!
The finished product!

Up-close.. notice the tree to the right they built is taller than the house!


Patti said...

Those guys had WAY too much fun! It looks like the Griswalds. Ha Ha Ha.

Laura said...

That is SO "Mills" style! I love the overboard lights... I wonder how much their electric bill goes up in December? Hmmmm :)

Monica said...

DANG Mills family! I thought Russ' dad went overboard but you guys take the cake! It looks GOOD though! Love it!

tracey said...

That tree IS huge! Where are they going to keep it when it's not Christmas??
Looks great- true Mills style!

tiare said...

holy cow!!! you guys really get into it.