Saturday, November 20, 2010

Everything in OCTOBER, besides Halloween.

I can't believe how fast this year is coming to an end. We had an awesome month of October since the weather is starting to cool down. I love fall decorations. I love fall smells. So I pretend inside my own house, since I don't get to experience it outside. It's time to pull out the BBQ and spend the next 8 months out doors!!!!
I took the kids to a railroad park in Scottsdale. They loved the train.

The One and Only vegetable I can get down Lilly...
And boy does she love it!
It seems to always be snack time at our house! Or maybe that's just when I think my kids are the cutest for pictures!
Lil always eats the cream filling and leaves the cookie part.
Tate making some music!
I often catch Lilly stiking this pose while watching TV.
I love it when she strikes this one!
A cute little Tate foot during an afternoon nap.
The boys for Priesthood session. Good lookin' bunch. I got a pedicure, it was glorious.
Cupcake time!

I just painted this cute little table for the tots! They love it!


Clint, Marianne, Sage and Charlotte said...

oh man I love your kids.

Chelsey Ann said...

Your kids are SERIOUSLY cute. I'm so gald we have blogging becasue I would miss them... and you and josh. In that order. hahahha. Just kidding.