Monday, October 4, 2010

The busy-ness of September 2010

September blew by. Josh was off the majority of the month before starting his new job so we thought we would have so much time to do many things. Of course, the time went by too fast, we did get a lot of the things done on our list, but it was a sad day for us all to see him leave us! We got used to having him around. So I think I am going to blog by month from now on, unless there are big events that call for their own post. I think if I have a realistic perspective on blogging, and that it is for journeling purposes I can handle a monthly post. Sometimes I feel so behind and overwhelmed that I just don't want to do it. So anyway, here are some cute things about September.

Lilly is obsessed with shoes. Like obsessed in that, if she sees a pair in a store and likes them, she won't take them off-- obsessed. OH NO. That's how I am and I am working on 100 pairs of shoes easy. Anyway, her Aunt Teppy took her to Scottsdale mall a few weeks ago and she was obsessed with a pair of shoes, so Tep bought them. Ever since, these are the ONLY shoes she will wear, and loves them so much that she even takes them into bed with her and kisses them like her teddy bear. This here is a pic of her on her way to bed, shoes and "pink blankie" in hand.
Lilly and Tate are going to be Raggedy Ann and Andy this year for Halloween. These are the socks that go with the costume. She loves them and wants to wear them all the time. She slip and slides down the kitchen tile. Its hilarious. Uh, is that the binki I STILL see in her mouth? Why yes it is. Awesome.
We made another trip to Utah in September and stayed with my grand parents in Kingmann the drive up. This is my grandpa and Tate! Cute!
My Grandma and Grandpa
Labor Day weekend we were in Hurricane for Peach Days and to visit Josh's family and friends. Didn't get a ton of pics, but the ones I did get are priceless. ha ha
Anthony is one seductive gamer. (we played Quelf).

Blake and Tayna, she was lucky enough to wear this on her head almost the entire game.
Blake and Bryce
The gang! Josh's Besties
Enjoying the HOT sun at Peach Days, thank you Anth for shading us.
Aunt Jann made a special trip over to see us. We loved her visit and Lilly love the brownies she made for her to frost! Great idea!
On our way to SL we stopped in Nephi to have a picnic lunch at the cemetery. For those who don't know I have a secret obsession with cemetery's. I love them and reading the headstones. Besides I'm sure they enjoy the visit every once in a while. Along with my kids trampling all over their graves and stealing their memorabilia, like this flag!

Once again, the obsessions Lilly takes on. ANIMALS. My least favorite, however it does do a little something to my heart when I see how happy she is when she is around them.
I had a Mission Reunion in Bountiful at my Mission Presidents home. It was nice to see them and visit.
After we got back, I went on a little girls weekend with my mom and sisters. It was fun, we got massages, gelato (3 times), Sprinkles cupcakes, pedicures, shopping, and movies. It was so fun and relaxing.

Tate got his first hair cut. After the "mullet" comments I was receiving I figured it was time to cut it off. I'm still sad about it, he doesn't seem like the same little boy. But we can grow it out again.

Bye Bye curls, that kinda weren't curling anymore.
Last but not least. Josh left for a couple weeks for training in LA. The night after we took him to the airport I went in to get on the computer (big mistake with a 2 and 1 yr. old.) Within 5 minutes they had spread popcorn throughout the whole kitchen and family room, and Lilly put my MAC lip gloss all over her face, hands, and countertop. Those aren't her natural pink brows in case you were wondering. AND I mention MAC just so you know it was 17 dollars..... wasted.

Here's to a great September!


Laura said...

Girl you are busy! Aren't you glad you had fun stuff to mix it up? I'm sad I didn't get to see you when you came up in September :( Oh well, let's start planning our 2011 getaway... it'll give us both something to look forward to! Love ya!

Holly said...

Nat I can barely see you, you're so thin!! You look great and so does your family. I can't believe how big Tate has become! Hope you guys are doing well :)

Garrett, Tashina, Breck, and Addilicious!! said...

You guys have entirely too much fun!! We would like to join in on your fun!! I'm definitely calling you next time we're in town!!!:) To answer your question about moving back, hopefully yes. They told us when he got hired that after five or six years he'd be put into corporate which is in phoenix, but we'll see!! Your kiddos are so cute!!! I love that your kids create disasters just as quick as mine do!!:) And sad day about the gloss!!!:(

Unknown said...

Oh! Tate looks so grown up! That's so sad and happy at the same time... It was so good to see you guys, and seriously, we need to come down for new years,.. so plan on it.

k and j said...

once a month??? nooooo! you have to find more time girl! ahaha. love ya.