Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Schnepf Farms 2010

Schepf Farms. Fun Place. My kids love it, especially the petting zoo. WHY? We went with friends this year which was fun. One of their little girls hates the petting zoo. I'm jealous. I took a bunch of pictures. My kids wouldn't smile to save their lives. I think they might be sick of me and the camara in their faces! So I took lots of pics of our friends little girls. SO CUTE. Lilly and this little Sage play so cute together. We trade babysitting a couple times a week and I love it! They totally entertain themselves and I love seeing them together. Tate gets in on the action and pushes a baby stroller around as well. Anyway, Schnepf was fun, even if I was frustrated I didn't get the pics I wanted since we paid half our salary to get in. A few are priceless.

Like this one...

Clint, Marianne, Sage, and Charlotte

This pic shows the week I had with Tate.
Loves thos animals. Maybe she should have been raised on a farm. Maybe not.
Sweet Charlotte
My only family picture of the trip. LAME.
Oh I am obsessed with them!
And this is because I couldn't get one of my cuties together.
Like father, Like son... Don't ya think?
Picking out pumpkins for each other
Looking for a bee
What a beauty!

This is the closest to a smile I got. Not very close.
My little pumpkin. Man he has grown since our trip last year. Time flies.


Clint, Marianne, Sage and Charlotte said...

You were holding out on me!!!!!! LOVE the ones of them holding hands. So stinking cute. I love them together.

k and j said...

okay nat please email me the kind of camera you have and if you use photo shop or whateves :) i am in the market for a fancy camera cuzmine blows ;) love ya!!

Kayleen said...

Great pics Natalie!

Chelsey Ann said...

A.dorable... You heard brook had a 9lb. 11oz. baby? Yes, you read that right. Holy Crap!